Old Time Mandolin Music

All Around the Mountain

This arrangement of All Around the Mountain is based on the version by Mando Mafia from their 2004 Get Away CD.  On the CD Mando Mafia said that they learned the tune from ILL-MO Boys’ Laugh and Grow Fat 2001 CD.  The ILL-Mo Boy in turn said they learned the tune from Stu Jamison’s Boys version found on an Elektra LP called the String Band Project (Elektra EKS 7292, LP (1965) out of print).

Thanks to Google, I found a couple of other versions of All Around the Mountain.  One is from a CD by Tom Akstens and Neil Rossi titled All Around the Mountain.  In their liner notes they state that the tune comes from a 1946 Library of Congress recording of Kentucky musician Rufus Crisp.

I couldn’t find the original recording, but Smithsonian/Folkways has a recording available of Rufus Crisp that you can purchase from Smithsonian/Folkways or download an mp3 version if you are a member of emusic.com.  Side bar discussion coming up and I have no financial interest at stake here: What’s cool about emusic.com is they have a huge library of mp3s from Document Records, Yazoo Records, Rebel Records, Smithsonian/Folkways and JSP Records (and more).  Lots of great music for as little as twenty-one cents a track.

The tune is played in the key of D with just two chords: D and B-minor.  Mando Mafia alternates between the playing the tune and singing a verse.

Download a pdf of All Around the Mountain -> Click AllAroundTheMountain.pdf.